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Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company. 

Here are some links to some blogs and or website that we personally follow and love! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Rich Nutrients Facebook Page

We have a very great Facebook page, so if you're already on Facebook, come and join us!  Feel free to post content on the page, share recipes, thoughts on products, suggestions for new products etc. We hope to hear from you on the page soon!

Our Blog

Hope on over and have at look at our blog - we are owned by Roar Fierce Limited and we share Anna's blog. This is a blog about food, life, craniosacral therapy & coaching (some of the other things that Anna gets up to)! Enjoy!

We love i-herb! 35,000+ top-rated healthy products; with discount shipping, incredible value. Amazing range of products not available in NZ. Supplements, Vitamins, Natural Health products, health & beauty -shop now by clicking on the link -

Petite Kitchen

We love Eleanor Ozich from Petite Kitchen. Pop along to her website and follow her blog - the recipes and photography really are something very special.

Motivate Me NZ

Motivate Me NZ is a group for like minded women looking for positive support, encouragement and advice during their journey of living a healthy lifestyle in NZ and around the world. Members share tips, tricks, advice and information on a daily basis. This provides everyone with the support and motivation required to keep going, try new things and work harder.

Dr Sam Shay Dr. Shay is a highly trained and versatile clinician and radioshow host/podcaster, living in Wellington. He solves wellness mysteries with a particular focus on chronic pain, unexplained fatigue, stubborn weight gain, gut health, and functional genetic testing for your unique optimal diet. He's combined his skills as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, functional neurologist, Fitgenes practitioner, and natural health educator to help those who struggle even with the most complex issues, treating people locally in the Wellington area and does Skype consults around New Zealand. Dr. Shay also hosts a weekly radioshow on Thursdays at 3pm NZT on Wellington Access Radio (listen live stream at 

Pete Evans

Organic Paleo Chef, Health Coach, Food is Medicine, Motivational Speaker, Author, Student, Teacher, Husband, Proud Dad, Surfer. Cook with LOVE! Great Facebook page and a super website filled with loads of information on the "Paleo Way".

The Yoga Connection 

We love Jane at the Yoga Connection - she has created an amazing site that helps you find out where you can yoga everywhere in NZ, plus we love her blog which features yogis and health concious real people (including Anna our owner - check her out here).  

Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company.