Matakana Superfoods

Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company. 

Matakana SuperFoods is a New Zealand based world leader in the research and marketing of new foods from around the globe, which contain unique qualities and super-nutrients that support health and wellbeing.

Every day more is being discovered about how the components of our food influence our physiology, mood and health. What we eat and how we eat has a major influence on our wellbeing and the quality of our life.  Matakana SuperFoods strive to bring consumers the best quality, natural health foods in the most sustainable way, to benefit all involved – from the indigenous farmer to the consumer.

Of particular interest to us are foods that contain unique properties to enhance health and wellbeing. With the heightened interest world-wide in functional foods, botanists have been searching far and wide to find the foods with the most abundant and life-supporting nutrients. In the Amazon Basin alone scientists estimate more than 1800 functional foods exist, which are documented but have not yet made it to commercial production.

While extracts of various foods have been used in supplements for many years, more recently we have seen a move towards whole superfoods. This promises to offer greater benefits to health through the premise that the combined interaction of nutrients gained from natural wholefoods has more to offer than one or two components, extracted and put into a tablet. Often the balance, ratio and type of nutrients found in wholefoods leads to superior absorption and assimilation by the body. The benefits of many compounds in food are still being discovered scientifically and there is renewed belief that eating wholefoods with super-nutrient qualities is of greater benefit than simple supplementation with individual extracts. After all, maybe nature does know best!

Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company.