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Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company. 

Why Nutritionals?

Nutritionals are supplements. By definition, supplements are designed to be used on top of your normal diet to ensure you are getting optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.

Food has changed from years ago - nowadays, we will be lucky to get even our recommended daily intake (RDI) of nutrients (vitamins and minerals). The chances are even lower if you are on a restricted diet or vegetarian/vegan. 

RDIs themselves are also interesting - they are the minimum levels to ensure we don't get some of those nasty 'old fashioned' diseases and they don't relate to optimal amounts.

As such, many doctors and nutritionists recommend adding a daily multi vitamin and mineral to your regime.

Take a TRUE HEALTH ASSESSMENT to work out what you might need to enhance your nutrition.



We chose USANA to align ourselves with because we believe after doing our research that USANA provides superior product quality without costing the earth.

It has been highly rated by Consumer Lab (an independent third-party supplement tester).

When you purchase USANA you are assured that:

- the supplements manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This means what is on the label is in the supplements.

- the supplements are manufactured FDA registered facility by the company themselves (manufacturing is not outsourced)

- the supplements conform to British Pharamacopia Standards for disintegration - meaning they won't sit in your stomach not absorbing into your system.

- many of the products contain patent pending Incelligence technology. This technology enhances your cells ability to recycle - meaning you are better able to fight antioxidants.



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Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company.