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Best Me

Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company. 

Best Me's Philosophy


Best Me is a community operated by Carl Hammington. Carl has selected products in our Rich Nutrients store that he stands beside as products that will help you with energy, wellness and getting to your goals. 

Carl says "We know that when addressing health and wellness that not one element can be seen in isolation. That mind and body  each have significant affect on one another. Our philosophy is based on a fully integrated approach to health factoring in all elements through exercise, nutrition and psychology. Our goal is to give you the tools to look your best and feel your best, allowing you to become the best version of yourself, your ‘best me’. This is done through education and inspiration, empowering you to create lifelong positive change.  As a result you’ll find you’ll effortlessly inspire those around you and in doing so contribute to the creation of healthier communities."

Carl strongly believe's in community and the strength and support that comes from connecting with others. Find Carl at Best Me (above) and/or at HealthFit Collective in Wellington. 

Fun is something that is essential for us and is obvious throughout our programmes, on our website and within the team!

Rich Nutrients is proud to call Carl and Best Me one of their closest friends - we love being part of a community of like-minded people. We love you Carl! xx

Rich Nutrients is owned & operated by Roar Fierce Limited, a New Zealand registered company.